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As grapes are to a fine wine, olives are to a fine olive oil. Yet, not all olive oils are created equally. My Greek Orchard’s olives are grown and harvested in Greece. Plus, all of our olive oil is bottled a factory located in the same small village where co-owner, Mr. Jimmy Pappas, grew up! Our cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil celebrates the fruit in its purest form. Unlike many of the olive oils you may buy at your grocery store, ours is not diluted with other oils. My Greek Orchard Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% pure olive oil.  The orchard’s nutrient-dense soil harnesses a distinct richness that brings the flavor profiles of ancient Greece right to your kitchen. 

Your body and your food deserve high quality ingredients. Our natural extraction process is void of harsh chemicals, preserving the monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants packed into each olive. This makes our olive oil as ideal for your health as it is for cooking. Consider our products your official invitation to experience the authenticity and warmth of gathering around our family table.

We combine two varieties of olives that are traditional to southeast Greece, the Koroneiki and the Athenoelia olive (also known as the Athinolia olive), to achieve what we guarantee to wow even the most sophisticated of palates.



Athenoelia Olive 


The Athenoelia olive, also known as the Athinolia olive, is named as a tribute to the goddess Athena, the patron goddess of olives responsible for planting the first olive tree. 

In mythology, King Cercops posed a challenge between Athena and Poseidon, the god of the sea, to vie for control of his territory. The contenders were asked to present a gift to the people. The one with the best submission would win. Poseidon struck the ground with his trident, bringing forth a salty spring that offered little value to the Athenians. With a touch of her spear, Athena summoned a magnificent olive tree. Seeing that the tree was good for food, wood, oil, and trade, King Cercops crowned her the victor. The tree and city were named in her honor, and the olive became a cultural and economic staple for Athens, Greece. 

Only available in Greece’s southern region, the Athenoelia olive is a rare gem. The olive’s fruity flare and peppery finish deem it a worthy component of My Greek Orchard’s premium extra virgin olive oil.


Koroneiki Olive


The Koroneiki olive is crowned the “queen of olives” in Greek culture, reigning in its homeland for more than 3,000 years. The tiny, tear-shaped olive boasts a portfolio of aromatic flavor and health benefits that are anything but small. 

The Koroneiki olives’ flavor profile offers more peppery, bitter essences that may cause a slight tickle in the back of the taster’s throat. This is simply a testament to the fruit’s freshness. The dynamic flavor makes it the ideal partner for our Athenoelia olives in My Greek Orchard’s extra virgin olive oil.

These olives offer a hearty dose of polyphenols, giving the oil its distinct, vibrant green color and bite. These natural chemical compounds protect the plant from oxidation. More importantly, however, they function as antioxidants. Epidemiological studies have linked the balanced consumption of polyphenols with protection against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other ailments.


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